Mumbai University Bansuri Diploma & Certification Programs

In Affiliation with Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia's Vrindaban Gurukul
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Bansuri Two Years Diploma Course

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Bansuri One Year Certification Course

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Why Choose Our Diploma
& Certification Programs

  • Legacy of Excellence
  • Expert faculty
  • Mumbai University Affiliation (Vrindaban Gurukul is the only institution that will offer the Bansuri Diploma in Affiliation with Mumbai University. This course will not be available directly at Mumbai University)
  • Diploma holders will be eligible to apply for the Bachelors Degree program
  • Diploma holders can work as freelance musicians with certification
  • Holistic Learning

What will you learn in the Bansuri Diploma Course?

  • Learn the basics of playing the Bansuri flute and practice regularly.
  • Understand fundamental Indian music concepts like notes (Swar), rhythm, compositions (Bandish), musical modes (Raga), and beats (Tala).
  • Explore the detailed elaboration of musical modes (Raga).
  • Delve into the detailed exploration of beats (Tala).
  • Get acquainted with semi-classical music pieces played on the Bansuri.
  • Learn about the study of music (Musicology) and the history of Hindustani music.
  • To perform raga with confidence for 20 mins.

What Will You Learn in The Bansuri Certification Course?

  • Gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Indian Classical Music.
  • Master fundamental techniques essential for playing the Bansuri.
  • Acquire knowledge of essential concepts in Indian Music, including Swar, rhythm, Bandish, Raga, Tala, etc.
  • Familiarize students with semi-classical music styles performed on the Bansuri.

About Vrindaban Gurukul

  • Vrindaban Gurukul: Mumbai-based institution for Indian music, founded in 2002 with support from Sir Ratan Tata Trust.
  • Guru-Shishya Tradition: Emphasizes the traditional master-disciple relationship in musical education.
  • Musical Excellence: Maintains high standards, preserving India's musical heritage.
  • Support from Sir Ratan Tata Trust: Key in establishment and sustenance, ensuring the transmission of Indian musical traditions.
  • Home-like Environment: Offers a familial atmosphere conducive to learning and practice.
  • Branch Expansion: Established a branch in Bhubaneswar, Odisha in 2010, reinforcing commitment to Indian music preservation for catchment of students from East and North East region.

Eligibility Guidelines for Program Enrollment

  • To get into the Bansuri programs, applicants must have finished the H.S.C. (Std. XII) exam from the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent recognized by another institution.
  • Additionally, they must pass an audition test supervised by Vrindaban Gurukul faculty.
  • Passing both the academic exam and the audition is necessary for eligibility.
  • The audition test plays a vital role in evaluating applicants' musical skills and deciding their suitability for the program.

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All Classes Will Be Held at Vrindaban Gurukul, Mumbai