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Ustad Bismillah Khan the doyen of the shehnai instrument passed away a few years ago and with him died the shehnai instrument, one of the premier wind instruments of India previously used in practically every Indian wedding as an auspicious beginning for the most important ritual for an Indian family. The world may have forgotten that the Ustad was bestowed with the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian recognition for his immense contribution to music and his instrument. In our lifetime, one has seen the plight of several such art and craft forms of India which have gone into oblivion with the passing away of their exponents. Coming to think of it, in another 10-20 years the world would have forgotten many symbols of our thriving heritage that were once iconic in preserving our identity of who we are, and may turn into symbols and topics of drawing table conversations and found behind glass walls of museums and in school books.

In our quest to supersede our technological, economic, scientific prowess, India may not remain India anymore. The best of experimentation bequeathed to us by our ancestors could get lost or could mutate keeping its outward appearance but losing its soul. Once a handful of older musicians pass away, there will be no one in the Indian classical music scene to pass on a legacy.

Our ancestors have handed over to us a philosophy that is subtle, inspiring, abstract and mystical. There is no short cut to achieving the understanding and experience of this. As a Society and Culture we owe this to our children to propagate this ancient wisdom passed on to us through centuries of experimentation.

It is up to us to bring to life and preserve our rich legacy. And it begins with our music, art and crafts which form the cornerstones of our living heritage. It is our duty to preserve these for future generations. As David Brower rightfully said, "We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

This way we contribute to the world, dimensions of inner growth which are unsurpassed, but which are getting mutated with our uni-dimensional perspective on 'progress and prosperity'.

Restoring and Keeping Alive a legacy is at the core of this Initiative and Campaign of Vrindaban Gurukul. Contributing to this vision is a social initiative which will be supported by forward thinking organizations who will pledge to take this task upon themselves to revive the Indian pride and cultural identity we hold so dearly in the global arena.

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Vrindaban Trust (Vrindaban Gurukul, Mumbai) is a Trust registered. No. E 11924 (Mumbai) & Vrindaban Gurukul Trust (Vrindaban Gurukul, Bhubaneswar) is a Trust registered no. HYD / 12AA / 2019-20 / A / 10139

The Mumbai Trust has been registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust act, of Charity Commissioner’s office of Greater Bombay region. It has also been registered under the Section 80G (5) of the I.T. Act, 1961. Contributions to the Trust are exempted from I.T. under Section 80G (5).

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